Steps to take

Step #1 – Choose an IUD
Brands of IUDs:
Skylathe smallest IUD on the market, hormonal, lasts up to 3 years
Mirena – the most popular IUD, hormonal, lasts up to 5 years, helps with heavy periods
ParaGard – non-hormonal, lasts up to 10 years
Liletta –  hormonal, lasts up to 5 years
Kyleena – newest IUD on the market, hormonal, lasts up to 5 years
Step #2 – Find a Clinic
Free / Low-Cost Clinics:
Option #1:

Option #2:
Planned Parenthood
Call 1-800-230-PLAN
or find a health center by visiting:

Option #3:

Baltimore City and Baltimore County, Maryland:

Druid Family Planning Clinic
1515 W. North Avenue
Baltimore, MD 2l217
Call: 1-410-396-0185

For clinic hours, more locations, and more information, visit Baltimore City Health Department Family Planning & Reproductive Health

Option #4:

Delaware Health Centers:

Use your zip code and insurance status to search for a health center near you by visiting Be Your Own Baby!
Almost all of the health centers on the Be Your Own Baby website accept uninsured patients.

If there is still some cost associated with your IUD and you are in need of financial assistance, then please fill out this form:


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